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Not sure what to do.

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Well, I am 19 years old. I started first having problems about one year ago right before Christmas. It started with a weird agoraphobia type anxiety. I couldnt leave the house alone, sometimes even just thinking of it and going near the front door to leave would send me spiraling into a mess of attacks. However If I was dropped off somewhere I could be by myself (which is why the doctor I went to see didnt see a need to help). Now, well I still have issues with being alone in public but I can just usually call my mother and feel safe again, what doesnt work for me is now I feel completely insane. My life isnt real, I can't cope with the simplist of life changes, and thinking about my futer..forget about it. I dont seem to have a future anymore, nothing seems like its real anymore, like one day Im going to just wake up and have all of this never happen. Whenever i get my feelings of unreality I feel a huge fear overcome me..but I cant really see what that fear is. I need something or someone to help me. I cant live like this, and I can't even think of suicide because death is too fearful. Please. Just Help.

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Jan 09 2012 02:32 PM

Im sorry you feel this way. ive been there plenty of times.... try not to feel discouraged or hopeless. im about 100% now. dp is apart of human life when someone gets too tired or overly stressed. so dp isnt something out of the ordinary unless your one of the unfortunate ones where it spirals out of control.... our brain is trying to find a solution when its just really tired. try waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day for no more or less than 7-9 hours. in the long run it workd wonders. also what i did was have a time every night where i would relax 20 mins a day. take a bath with candles lit and focus in the "now" if that makes sense.....exercise is important and so is going outside. basically living your life even if you are in hell. face your fears and scary thoughts bc once you face them there will be nothing left to fear. what also is important is to be emotional. confront what is bothering you... if you need more help just email me and so can anyone else that needs help..... [email protected] i check my mail daily

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Feb 02 2012 12:34 PM

"Im going to just wake up and have all of this never happen." I deal with this EVERYDAY, i know how you feel, i really do. And i'm so sorry. <3

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Mar 21 2012 05:11 PM

This was like reading my thoughts.. It all came out of nowhere and suddenly I can't leave the house alone without knowing my mum is near to come get me if i panic. I have improved alot since i was in the position you're in. My mum has been on holiday for a week and I'm coping just fine without her! I felt suicidal when this all came on, convinced i couldnt live my life like this. Are you taking medication for your anxiety? I sometimes fear that i would have taken my own life without my medication calming down the physical effects of my anxiety attacks, and dealing with your thoughts comes after. I really hate recommending medication but I personally don't think i could have done without it. Sending loads of love and hope you feel more position soon hun x
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