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So, after having my first heart palpitations when I was at the age of 14 (33 now), from that day onwards I get dozens of panic attacks a day, cold sweats that I never had before. I am not able to fall asleep due to heart palpitations and racing thoughts, even if I did fall asleep I always ended up having sleep paralysis, waking up not feeling rested.

I went for a sleep study when I was 14 and I was told to have insomnia, and was referred to a child psychologist. But during that time I don't no words like panic attacks, sleep deprivation or dissociation. So basically I pretty much say noting to them because I'm not sure what is wrong either.

I only found out about the term DPDR so much later when we have google search now. and this forum.
I find it assuring thanks to this forum that most people here ended up in dpdr state due to panic attacks. (I got it from a panic attack too)

The psych from the government hospital here in SG are all shitty... I told them about my detachment and feeling of unreal, they give 0 shit about it.. and randomly diagnosed me, "Dysthymia, borderline, major depression"

I can't afford to see a private psych here to get a proper assessment as private hospital is going to cost a lot of money.
My cognition has degraded a lot over the past 19 years.. I'm not sure if it's due to being sleep derivate all the time or other factor.

My mind is blank all the time and always searching for what I was thinking seconds ago. my brain is so fked
I have been on testing 8+ ssri over the past decade.. sertraline and quetiapine being the longest.

So I heard about lamital on this forum.. I went back to my psych and suggested this med to them and I told them it could help brining my emotion back, but they refused to prescribe it to me, I was devastated.

It's scary that it's been 19 years.. it doesn't feel that long... I feel like I've been doing noting for the past 19 years.. basically not progressing but still being stuck back I was 14. I feel like my whole life is a joke and I should have ended myself when I was 14.. and not allowing myself to continue being humiliated.

I'm curious if I can find anyone residing in SG here.. and could recommend me a psych for dpdr?

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Hi Suta.

Bless you and your determination to find an answer. If nobody understands you, I understand you.

I was once in your shoes. Here in America, most doctors don't give a fvck about you either. I spent nearly a decade searching for solutions.

I've even been the medication route. I was taking many medications at once. Antipsychotics, SSRI's, Sleep aids and more.

I was suffering with blank mind, severe disinterest in everything, SEVERE panic attacks multiple times a day, visual disturbances(visual snow, warped vision) etc, chronic fatigue and much more.

Over 17 different medications. I dropped it all and searched for a real answer after years of getting nowhere.

That's when I learned about what was really happening inside my body, that was causing me to feel spaced out and detached.

It's been over a year since I had a panic attack. I'll tell you exactly what I learned that got me to where I am..

I found out that I was heavy metal toxic and had a severely impaired gut.

• Check your thyroid levels. Check your Free T3 and Free T4. You might be hypo-thyroid. anything above a 1.6 TSH should be treated as hypothyroid.

• Second, get tested for heavy metals. If you have teeth fillings, eat fish regularly, or are a human who lives on planet earth, you've likely been exposed to heavy metals.

• Third, get a gut test. 90% of serotonin is created in the gut. If your gut is impaired, you are not producing the feel-good chemical.

Regardless of what you hear, there are real answers in your body that are the reason you are feeling the way you are.

It's been over a year for me, and I haven't had a single panic attack, I've been sleeping deeper, feeling happier, and just generally enjoying life.

It isn't an invisible illness that just exists in your brain.

Stay strong, i'm with you.

:cool: -Gio
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