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Not sure if I still have DPDR

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My DPDR started like 6 years ago, I had a lot of panic attacks/anxiety. I was also very obsessed with getting better. And it made it more difficult to recover at that time. I've not been paying so much attention to it anymore like I used to do. Also I do not have any panic attacks anymore which is good. I do have a little bit anxiety at times, but it's not that bad. But now I'm at this point that I feel kind of normal, but still I feel like there is something off, I don't feel the same like I used to. Is there anyone who experiences the same? I also noticed I still feel like a spectator. But that's all.
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This is exactly the state I'm in since half a year now, and it doesn't seem to change anymore. No Panic attacks anymore and the severe anxiety is gone. At times still a little anxious, especially when tired, drunk of in a hectic space with a lot of People. I feel like im functioning just fine and my cognitive levels are back to normal. Still i feel a bit spaced out; as if I'm still a spectator, as if I'm still Running on automatic pilot, but it doesn't scare me and its not constant anymore. It just became a new normal.
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