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This may be a bit off-kilter, but oh well. I just need advice, and hopefully, someone who went through something similar before and knows what it's like.

I flipped my car Friday evening/night, on a back road, by myself. I was going 35-40 mph and swerved to miss a deer, overestimated or something, and ended up going off into a ditch and hitting the embankment. I wasn't upset or anything; my thought as I hit was just "oh, I'm going to hit that.".

I went up over (my car was front wheel drive), skidded on the passenger side for about two yards before finally flipping. This was a matter of seconds. I just remember being calm and knew I had to get down, as I was completely upside down and call my mom and get help. I unbuckled myself, crawled on broken glass to retrieve phone and purse. I remember there being a screwdriver laying on (the remains) of my windshield because everything in center console ejected. Driver side window was intact, but the passenger was completely shattered so I crawled out from there and onto the road. I just started running and trying to call but there was no service in the dip. I didn't notice I was bleeding from both knees until I was a hundred feet from my car. A car stopped, picked me up, and took me back to my house as I just live up the road. Called my mom and help, but my house keys were in my cup holders and thus ejected. So I went back down. People stopped to help, neighbor came down, paramedics and police, etc.

Walked out with only three stitches in my left knee, a bruised and scraped right knee, minor cuts on my arms, and some intense whiplash but I don't recall hitting my head at all. My one mat flew up and deflected most glass from the sunroof that would've came in on me. My car was totaled, both mirrors ripped off, passenger window gone; sunroof and windshield both caved in and mostly smashed out. I have bruising from the lap part of my seatbelt holding me in.

I just have felt so off, because I feel like I should've died-I know I could've easily if I would've been going faster or turned a different way or any other variable. If I didn't have my seatbelt, I would've been flung around or through my windshield. I feel like I'm going to wake up and have injuries 10x worse or ill be in a coma or something. It doesn't feel like it's /me/. It's like I'm living through someone else almost. I feel like my injuries should be so much worse. I feel like I got TOO lucky. I've been iffy riding passenger in a car since. I know it's normal to have PTSD and related symptoms after car accidents, but I don't want people to think I'm nuts.
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