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Not living with dp/dr

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I hope everyone had a great day. I would like to take a "poll" or something very similiar to it. After reading some posts I noticed that people are saying things like "Living with DP will really get better", or "I am learning to live with DP, and "My DP lifestyle is really improving". My interpretations of these statements might not be exact but I really don't think that we have to "Live with DP/DR" or make it a part of our lives, maybe I am playing around with semantics here a little to much, but I really do feel that DP/DR has no place in anyone's life and it should only be considered a temporary problem.

Thanks for reading,

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Does anyone here have strong, severe anxiety 24/7 (or almost 24/7) along with agoraphobic tendencies, apprehensiveness, in addition to DP/DR? Just curious. For almost 10 years I've been constantly struggling with DP/DR, panic, social anxiety, OCD and depression. I'm also very tired all the time.

I don't know how I can continue to live like this. For some reason, Monday was a great day. The icy wall and fog lifted and I was out grocery shopping and everything seemed the way it did BEFORE I had DP/DR.

What did I do to have almost 24 hours of freedom from DP/DR? I found this site and with it some hope, and then the DP/DR went away temporarily.

Therefore, in my case, the DP/DR has to be psychological then, right? It's all in my head? It has to be.

Would welcome any comments/suggestions.

Thank you!

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