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not knowing what kind of person i am?

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i've been having a hard time recently wondering what kind of person i am. when i see a movie i like i'll go "how do i know that was a good movie?". or when i listen to a song i'll think "do i really like this song? how do i know i actually do?". it's like i question everything i do now. i wonder how each person is different from the next, how this person likes this, but another person doesn't, etc. could this just be obsession and thinking too much? does anyone else do this? it's very distressing.
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This thread has hit the nail on the head for me. I used to think about that all the time. It really got to me. I just try to block out the thoughts with something nice like "everything's fine" and then I try to simply go with the flow and not obsess. I know it's difficult though.
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