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not feeling excited. no emotions.

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anyone just never really feel happy? it's like i just act it all the time. whenever a special event is coming up or let's say someone gives me a gift, the spark in my brain that tells me to be happy and excited about it never goes off. if someone gave me a million dollars, i wouldn't really feel the happiness getting it, just would be like "ok, what should i buy" in my dull emotions. if i'm talking to someone, i just don't really give a crap about talking. i want to be able to enjoy talking and everything else but just can't feel it. is it just because i'm depressed maybe?

the only time i really do get happy about things and enjoy talking to people is when i'm high or drunk. i don't do either that much though. anyone like this too?
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I know what you mean, i have exactly the same problem... when something good happens in my life i am thinking that this is marvellous and that if i were okay then I could feel things but nooooooooo
i don't feel anything at all...
isn't this supposed to be dp?
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