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Not caring

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So ever since I started suffering with DP/DR (since about May 2015) I feel like I don't care? I, like a lot of people, had emotional numbness in the beginning but then it got slightly better. Overall I guess DP/DR has gotten better in the sense that I deal with it better, it doesn't freak me out or make me anxious, but it's still slightly there. I hardly think about it now but when I do it's just like "Oh right, the world might now be real, I remember) and I basically feel sort of... flat

When I say I feel 'flat' what I mean is like I'm unaffected by most things. I can get annoyed and happy and sad but not very deeply. I have felt REALLY happy or REALLY sad in so long and I honestly miss it. Not feeling sad is the worst because things have happened in my life that I wanna get upset about, I wanna bawl, things that should make me cry, but I just don't feel affected. I feel like a straight line, no ups or downs and when I do feel something it is very muted. It doesn't feel the same as emotional numbness, it just feels like I do not care which I think is actually one of the things stopping my anixety, which sounds good but if this is the cost then I would gladly take back the anxiety.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
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I feel that dp has actually helped me with fear or bad thoughts.. My mind actually can't really feel fear or sadness as I used to and it actually has benefited me. Now I feel I don't fear anything. Dp sucks don't get me wrong but that is about the only positive that I gotten from it
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