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So it's been an overall bad day. What with the breathing thing, I didn't sleep well and I'm exhausted, and then on top of that, my musles are all twitching and tensed up and jittery and I'm sure it's because i must have some horrible disease, like the bird flu that I keep hearing about or something. I wonder if part of it is because stupid me didnt' call in and get my prescription for Geodon refilled in time, so I'm going one full day without it, and then tomorrow will be when I get it, but that will have been two nights missed. I'm scared by not taking it i've f'd my brain up pretty badly permanently or something. The breathing obesssion is a litte better, I'm not obsessing about that so much, but it's still there, haunting me silently. I'm mostly just so damn tired because I slept very fitfully last night. Sigh.
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