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Through our dp brain and our filter, the nostalgia and grief can be really intense. And couldnt even be put into words. And the permanent loss and experiences. It's like a cold dull akathisia-type thing. Most 99 per cent of people will never understand this.

I think dp robs us of many good feelings and healing feelings

Whats messed up too is grieving something or having nostalgia for a time where that time was corrupted by the disorder
But even if I think back when I was a little kid at a decent time or before the disorder, it still causes severe pain for me. It's really complex

It literally goes beyond nostalgia. I'ts feeling a hurt that can't be put in words. This is not depression either Not at all. This is some sort of dp extrapyramidal brain damaged hurting,

And with constant grief. Because of the damage to the abilities, feelings, sensations, nervous system, cells. I cannot engage life or enjoy or truly live life. Some if us with the disorder live without living life. We are in a self damaging state. Our brain body attacking itself

So many of us grieve daily, our lives and health weere taken from us. And this kind of depersonalization, sensation, cognitive effects, damage and disorientation and strange pain is unlike ANY OTHER CONDITION

I can't image what I would have been if I wasn't f-cked by dp in my pre teens. I'm being serious I was a really bright amazing kid but this turned me into a moronic impaired disabled person in constant pain. Most people are lucky to never deal with things like this. This destroyed and corrupted many of us and our lives , our futures. This has caused me a lot of health neurological issues and I'm really damaged and aged , only in my 20s. I think I may die soon from the brought on issues. I definitely won't see 30. I have developed thalamic and autonomic disorders

The dp [email protected] our time on the earth and there's nothing we can do. I've been to the top doctors in the country.
Etc No help or answers.

Also, feels that the world and life before and after dp was literally not the same? It's like completely different worlds.

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Did you mean to say it's like a "cold, dull anhedonia-like thing?" I have some akathesia along with my symptoms, but based on the context I'm thinking you meant to say anhedonia.

At any rate, I agree. I often look at the people around me and wonder what it must be like to be someone else...anyone else.

I'm curious as to your experiences of nostalgia while I'm this state. would you care to talk more about that?
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