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And none of it matters.

Everything I feel for everyone is just nothing, dust. And everything they feel for me.

Just a blip in eternity.

Why go on?

I hate this. :(

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- Because you won't always feel this way.

- Because your living matters. It just does.

- Because you have an effect on other people that can paradoxically bring good out of sorrow.

Your words had an intense effect on me just now, and I felt this swelling of intense love for you, the person who wrote them. Not pity, mind you, but love.

Sometimes, deep in the silence of our hearts, we can hear the Beloved calling to us with a voice that soothes and nurtures.

Sometimes, the Beloved calls through another human being who cries out into what seems like a void.

It is one and the same Voice.

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i have those same exact feelings most of the time. its the worst loneliness in the world. when im near my family or "Friends"...i feel nothing. like they are just more people and nothing matters or hits me. i hope it goes away too.

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What's reality?

Why have your feelings become to mean nothing? why have they changed since your persception of reality has changed?
Feelings are constant, they don't change when you get dissociated
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