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No soul/dead

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I can't live like this so why bother? I have no memory, no soul, no emotions, no time perception, no hunger no thirst, can't sweat, can't feel temperature, can't feel my body at all I don't exist, no opinions, no thoughts. Just been sitting here brain dead 3 years can't remember life before this. It all happened from antidepressants my gp cold turkeyed me and put me on mirtazapine and my life was over. Want to give up but I don't know what happens in the next life.
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What were you taking before mirtazapine? And what does he think about all that? Does he agree that changing medication has caused that? Did he consider giving you back your old medication?
I really hate it when doctors don't listen to patients or don't take them seriously, or minimize side effects. This is really driving me mad...
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i think we are complaining about the wrong part of the party. it is not that the doctor did harm to him rather the meds are the problem. what is my guarantee to not become like op if i taper my fuckloft?
Yes it's the meds that are causing the problem, but for me the root of the problem is that at least some psychiatrists don't know what they are doing and dont ask for informed consent. I think we are talking about very similar things. Even if a drug is dangerous, i dont mind much that it exists as long as I am told about the actual risks beforehand and I am given the right to refuse to take them.
But if psychiatrists want to claim that they make people take minimal risks they should acknowledge the risks linked to some medication and stop selling them.
When I looked into SSRIs I learned about post SSRI sexual dysfunction and read about many people having it as a result of their treatment. There are even scientific papers about it. But when I talked about that to my psychiatrist i was only met with a condescending amused smile, like there is only crap on the internet and I shouldn't be anxious...
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