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For weeks I've been having intense panic attacks and bodily sensations. I feel like I am insane. I feel like my words and actions and beliefs are not my own. I feel like my whole personality is just me mirroring other people but that I have no self left. I feel like I am insane. I feel the need to reach out and talk to people but when I do I am so afraid because it's like my words are not my own. I try to be a good person but it's like there is something deeply wrong with me. A doctor told me that it is because I dissociate that I feel this way. He said that when we dissociate for a long time we revert to the mirroring stage of development like a small child. Is this why I feel like I am other people but not myself? I don't fully believe the doctors anyway. These days have been very stressful. I am afraid a lot of the time. Is this sense of no self just a DPDR symptom? it is horrifying
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