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No sense of self

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Going to keep this brief.

I know a detachment from the self is a common symptom of DP. But I kinda feel like I don't even exist anymore. I literally can't tell. I feel like I am just experiencing everything consciously, emotionally, and somatically, but their is no "me" that is experiencing it, its just my brain. Its terrifying. Most people seem to say that DR bothers them more than DP. I definitely disagree, It's easier for me to acclimate to DR then DP. A loss of self is so much more threatening to me then my surroundings looking fuzzy.

Just wondering if anyone can relate to feeling like there is no actual person inside their brain.
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I remember trying to find the terms to describe the transition I had undergone at age 17. I finally hit upon "I lost my sense of self". I remembered thinking it

was something of a big deal to be able to describe my symptoms in this manner. I had never heard dissociation discussed in anyway in the early 1970s

I would discover it is one thing to be able to define a problem and quite another to address it.
Sorry to be so long in replying as I lost touch with this thread. In answer to how I coped with loss of self at age 17, with no help from anyone?

Well, I guess you could say I still had half a self. I had lost positive emotions but I could still feel pain. I underwent an episode of major depression.

It was really rough. I lost 30 lbs and had terrible insomnia and anxiety. I was in full survival mode. I just held on until my symptoms subsided

enough to allow me to have some hope for the future.
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