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No personality and no soul

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With dp, did anyone feel this sudden loss of personality? Like, you didn’t know the things you used to say, you felt like you were in your body and experiencing everything for the first time, words felt strange and robotic...this dramatic shift happened to me 10 years ago and I’ve never recovered. It’s like everything’s gone, my habits, mannerisms, how I used to think. It’s like I’m a totally different person. All I have are memories of this person’s life and otherwise I’m wiped clean. My social life is really suffering because I can never think of what to say and I feel like the most boring person ever. There’s just nothing left inside me, nothing individual, nothing that I grew up learning, except things like reading and drawing. That hasn’t changed but my voice has. My voice is gone. The internal monologue that I had before vanished and it was like a new monologue began for the first time, taking its place. 2008 seems like the year I was born, not 1991, when this body was born.
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yea, i feel it, almost 24/7 i think
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