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no more pain

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this world of nothing is killing me. i'm tired of not feeling any pain at all. like if someone punches me it doesn't hurt. any part of my body. someone scratches me or something i won't feel it. i'm sitting in a chair and i can't feel my a$$ in it. i'm not sure if this is all part of dp.

being so emotionless sucks too. how can i really enjoy anything without any emotions? i try sometime, but my smiles, laugh's, they are all fake. there is no happinness. i did manage to cry a little, but i didn't really feel the pain of crying. I'm just pretty tired of not feeling alive.
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is dp all mental or is it physical as well? i feel like it is physical as well as a state of mind, but your mind does control your body so. but like nothing feels good in my body. if someone gives me a massage i won't feel it. i try masturbating and crap, but its no use because i don't feel it. It does not feel good. this sucks. nothing feels good as well. i just wanted to know if dp is physical as well as mental.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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