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No Let Up

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Over two weeks now and I still seem to being going down hill, I also still have this strange strain on the back left side of my head which sometimes travels down my neck and back, it isn't painfull, just some strange sensation.

All I have been doing is sleeping for most of the day, takes me a long time to even remember what day/date it is, I can officially say I have never experienced Depersonalization/Derealization to this severity and can't see a let up.

F**K DP, F**K DP, F**DP.
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When my DR/DP blah blah first popped into existence i had that weird pain down my neck. Quite why it occurs is beyond me. Also if its any consolation..which it probably isnt, i have been going downhill last 2 weeks after what i thought was a recovery in process. No triggers to start it off again either which is frustrating.

All i can say is hang in there bro...i am trying to so i think you should to.

Take care.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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