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No Let Up

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Over two weeks now and I still seem to being going down hill, I also still have this strange strain on the back left side of my head which sometimes travels down my neck and back, it isn't painfull, just some strange sensation.

All I have been doing is sleeping for most of the day, takes me a long time to even remember what day/date it is, I can officially say I have never experienced Depersonalization/Derealization to this severity and can't see a let up.

F**K DP, F**K DP, F**DP.
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Please forgive me for offering my layman's diagnosis, but if you are experiencing FEAR, you are having at least part of a panic attack, probably a low-grade one. It may in fact be GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) -- I think that's the name.

The neck and back pain are physical symptoms of anxiety. When I had (notice the past tense), my scalp would come "alive" and tingle. Everyone has different symptoms.

I believe you all would benefit from medication -- at least in the short term to PROVE to you that you have anxiety. If you don't want to stay on the medicine, that's your choice, but I think it is a tragedy that those of you who refuse antidepressants are doing so.

The only reason I am here at all is because I experienced DP/DR when I had panic attacks -- I had never had them before about a month ago.

Zoloft didn't erase them completely until I got to 250 mg this week (incidentally, my doctor, who is an expert, says 200 mg is not the upward limit -- he says Pfizer has to put something on the FDA application, and that's what they put, but Zoloft is safe at ANY dose, just about).

I really urge you guys to try antidepressants. Do it and then come back here and say "Sojourner knew her stuff" or "Damn that girl."

Best wishes to you all,
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