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No Let Up

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Over two weeks now and I still seem to being going down hill, I also still have this strange strain on the back left side of my head which sometimes travels down my neck and back, it isn't painfull, just some strange sensation.

All I have been doing is sleeping for most of the day, takes me a long time to even remember what day/date it is, I can officially say I have never experienced Depersonalization/Derealization to this severity and can't see a let up.

F**K DP, F**K DP, F**DP.
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I could do with a right kick in the arse, right now the only thing I would love to do is go to Ballantrae (A place I went as a child) and just sit on the pebble beach next to the crashing waves and fresh sea air.
Although I do worry it won't touch me as it did before. I fear facing something I love and not being able to care for it anymore, because, feeling inside of me is infact dead (Except the Silent Fear).
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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