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No knock lead additives

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Research reveals that 50% of Americans may have lost 5-7 IQ points if born between 1955-1966. Seems the addition of lead to gasoline created atmospheric neurotoxins.
I believe the additive was withdrawn in 1966. And I just thought the math was getting more difficult as I progressed through high school.
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I can't say anything about the lead additives. But I do want to share that I entered DP/DR during Summer Break between 10th and 11th year of High School. I was always pretty good at getting decent grades in school. But 11th and 12th year... well... I barely graduated. I also know someone with DP/DR who told me a similar story, and the turning moment for him was during a math test in College where he couldn't even answer one question. He said he was still in the classroom after everyone else had finished, and still no answer to any question. He subsequently dropped out of College.
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