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Since May i'm now struggeling with complete emotional causes me to be suicidal as it's not getting better and i spent the last months in a psych ward. I tried a lot of meds and rtms the depression protocol. Now the doctors told me they won't switch my medication any more because they don't see it will benefit me. I feel very helpless and don't know what to do or how to get better. Maybe anybody can give some advice ?
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Thanks again Mr. Mayer Gross .. you're talking about the clinics in Italy right? I already had a look at the website of their clinic ..i will consider it if nothing works out in the next next step will be an outpatient program in Max Planck institute which is also a research clinic ..a fellow patient told me they have rtms there but i'm not sure about that..of course that would be great.
But as imipramine and Parnate are not supposed to be effective in Dp ..that might be the reason i didn't respond to anything. I've had this once before .. months of complete emotional numbness and in this time i also used a maoi without success and in the end i improved by clomipramine and even more on lexapro i took afterwards. Now i'm not responding to lexapro any more so yes i need a doctor who is willing to go down the pharma route a little bit more.
That's true since May 2020
It wasn't caused by any substances ..i just had a stressful period and suffered from panic attacks some months prior to this.
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Dear MG in other posts you wrote about two people who had a response to rtms on the vlpfc you know where they had it done?
Thanks again for your detailed answer MG you say Dieter and I are also having mayor depression..i know you use to say in depersonalisation the affect is normal.. I just don't really get what that means ..i can occasionally laugh when i find something funny and i cry a lot because of my i have an affect. I don't have major sleep problems but i struggle with appetite as i also don't feel hunger any more and my numbness disturbs me so much which contributes to my loss of appetite. I don't want to negate that i got major depression i would just like to understand better what's the difference.
I have been diagnosed with depression first but as most doctors don't know about dp i insisted on the diagnosis of depersonalisation because the numbness is different from the normal depression numbness. I also tried dp medication like Naltrexone but it didn't do anything for me. I don't have any derealisation symptoms or any other symptoms except the numbness.
But is it that common in major depression to have zero feeling nothing all the time even if something bad happens in front of you for example? I don't know but will keep on trying meds and i will contact the clinic in Italy.
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