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No Help anywhere

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Since May i'm now struggeling with complete emotional causes me to be suicidal as it's not getting better and i spent the last months in a psych ward. I tried a lot of meds and rtms the depression protocol. Now the doctors told me they won't switch my medication any more because they don't see it will benefit me. I feel very helpless and don't know what to do or how to get better. Maybe anybody can give some advice ?
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Hey Mayer-Gross,

did you try parnate by yourself ? You had no benefit from it ? Actually i took it and i had the highest dosage of 60mg. Due to very slow blood pressure i get calm but i didnt to lost my anhedonia or i get more emotions. Now i am taking it around 8 weeks. Have i take it longer to get more benefit ? Or i have to reduce because the blocked enzymes enhance nearly all important neurotransmitters and maybe it started a down-regulation at the post-synaptic receptors ? Thanks Dieter
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