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Do any of you have nightmares constant nightmares? Almost like a flashback or something that happened in your life? It is really making sleep something I do not want to do. I was just wondering if I am alone with this. :cry:
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Rainbo -

Even though my DP has subsided these days, I still get recurring nightmares that I talk to my therapist about. They all revolve around my dad growing up.

Nightmares are scary, but just know that they happen to all of us, and they can definitely ruin the next day!

Here is some advice:

1. Avoid all food 3 hours before bed.
2. Avoid all beverages (except some water) 2 hours before bed (esp caffeine). And a side note on caffeine - it has a long half life in the body, so a caffeinated drink from 4pm can linger into the night.
3. Do something active at night (take a walk, run, clean, etc)
4. Read something uplifting before bed.
5. Try and sleep without the TV on (if this is something you do)
6. Make love before you sleep.

Just some advice...hope these nightmares subside soon. Here's a hug your way for a no-nightmare night. <>
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Universal said:
hey siegs, since your dp has subsided do you have normal thought/feeling patterns again?
Fortunately, my feeling patterns were never compromised by DP

My thought patterns are back to normal. I am no longer scared to be away from home, on an airplane, out at night, etc. I have my concentration back at work, and am very productive.
XEPER said:
P.S. Pretty quiet today, huh?
I have noticed that Fridays are the quietest day of the week on this board. It gives me hope that DP have lives too
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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