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Do any of you have nightmares constant nightmares? Almost like a flashback or something that happened in your life? It is really making sleep something I do not want to do. I was just wondering if I am alone with this. :cry:
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Hey rainboteers,

Yes, nightmares still get me from time to time; however, I have found that irregular sleep patterns seem to bring them out mostly. Also drinking caffeine before going to bed has a tendency to wack me out more - at least making things a bit more vivid. Missing paxil for a couple days in a row really screws me up when I get back on it....

....I really feel you're fine and you don't have anything serious to worry about - it's just a natural reaction to your body chemistry and your life patterns at the time.

Do you take naps now and then? The odd thing is, I have found that I sleep better at night (or, at least, have fewer weird dreams, etc.) when I take a nap every so often (a half an hour long, etc.). Don't ask me why....I have no idea, it just seems to work for me.....

....Hope this helps.
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1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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