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every freaking night ive been reliving the tsunami disaster in my dreams. the story line changes from night to night... last night i was trapped in a car in banda aceh.. the night before the ocean came up and swallowed my house taking me out to sea and i watch as my mother and all my animals are crushed by mud and debris. the night before that i was camping in pololu valley and the tsunami came over and over and over again.. each time i was stuck at the bottom and just looking up at the surface. everytime it would go out and id try to get away another one would come.

there are tons more like this as its a nightly thing. whats wierd to me is that this is the only major event that ive been consistantly dreaming about. i dont recall ever having a single dream about september 11. i dont recall ever dreaming about lava or earthquakes. i do dream alot about tornados for some wierd reason. my scariest dreams are always my UFO/alien dreams.

but these tsunami ones are happening everynight which is very unusual and has never happened to me before. im not saying its something psychic or anything. im pretty sure its cause im listening to the waves crashing all night. but its really terrifying and i want these damn dreams to end. :shock:
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f#cking A :x

another one last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:
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