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Have you ever realized or associated nightmares with our issue? I just came to the realization that this may be true. The other night i woke up about 4 times due to horrific nightmares. While in the nightmare, I seemed to be in a type of depersonalization state. Weird because I was asleep. Never knew that there would have been some type of connection between the two, until my therapist had me begin to write down my nightmares. I highly recommend this if you don't do it, because you could possibly find your conscious connection between your dream and what trauma in your life may have caused them.

There is one dream that I am willing to share with you and how I was able to connect it to my trauma.

It seemed like it may have been during a time of war because a whole bunch of people were jammed into what seemed like a convenience store of some sort. I am looking all around and I notice a little girl and someone who looked like it could have been her grandpa.She was scared and he seemed to be comforting her. I walked around and saw many people scared and lonely, wondering what was going on. Suddenly everything went dark for a few minutes and every one was in a panic, when the lights came back on In my line of sight was that little girl getting raped my whoever that older man was. I immediately found 3 guys who then beat the crap out of them and i made sure the little girl got to safety. once everything was handled i tried to go get the little girl because i knew she would be safe with me , but they wouldn't let me.

The connection was that i was the little girl and my innocence and childhood were taken away from me forcibly . I was not raped but when my mother passed away, i was no longer a child and the real world was smack dab in my face.

This nightmare haunts me everyday. Bringing all of the pain i associated it with and all of the emotions i don't want to feel. There is a connection and once you find it, you can try to severe it.

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May 27 2017 02:29 AM

In my deeepest phase of DP,i had terrible nightmares too.Just keep saying yourself,that this will stop one day.

Just stay strong.

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Sep 23 2017 07:56 PM

I hope so. That it will go away. It comes and goes in my life and makes me a zombie when it comes. I feel like I am disappearing. And my hold on things is tenuous.
I'm feeling very alone on this bc though ppl are in my life, I don't feel them. I don't feel much of anything but incompetent. It really sucks. Right now. It just sucks.
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