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Night time panic attack - woke up depersonalized.

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Hello, first time poster here - 28 y/o male from Cornwall, UK. Apologies in advance for starting a new thread but I can't seem to find a previous one that matches my circumstances perfectly.

Last night I had my second ever major panic attack, the first one was only a week ago, but was far shorter.

Circumstances of panic attack
Smoked marijuana before bed, moderate amount - 3 joints. I have done this every night for 5-6 years, I usually combine my joints with tobacco but I'm trying to quit nicotine, yesterday was the first time I smoked a nicotine-free herbal tobacco.

Life circumstances
Full of stress right now. I'm currently fighting for access to my daughter after my partner took off with another man. I've been scared, angry, frightened of the future. In addition, I've been stressing lately about my parents going through a divorce, and the fact that I'll be made redundant in January.

The attack
I was half way through the last joint of the night, and watching a comedy show on TV. I realised my ears were ringing loudly, and the more I thought about it, the harder it seemed to focus on the screen and watched the show - it was too intense, I had to switch it off and take my eyes off the screen, does that make any sense at all? Then I realised something wasn't right, I stood bolt upright, switched everything off and ran out of the house. I stood in the rain for about 5 minutes before coming inside, freezing and shaking, and decided it was probably tiredness and that I should try and sleep.

The attack continued throughout the night, I couldnt get to sleep, couldnt read a book as it was 'too intense' to focus on the sentences and pages. I kept leaping out of bed, running out the house, I wanted to scream for help but knew nobody would think anything was wrong with me and I didnt want to upset my neighbours.

I finally fell asleep after crying for about 5 minutes, I felt like I was in a detached dream world, like I'd slipped out of reality and died.

I feel like I'm in a dream, I've had the day off work and very little company, I called my mother and talked about it and it seemed to to calm me a little. The panic has gone, but something's not right. I've had very minor attacks in the past, but they've never affected me the next day. Today I feel detached from reality, like I'm watching a TV show and I am the audience. I'm floating about, I can talk, do normal thing (like type this post) but it's like I'm not here.

So, my questions:

- Do I need to visit the Emergency Room?
- If not, can anybody provide insight as to whether or not I am stuck in this dream mode forever?
- How do I get out of this?

Thanks so much in advance.
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Hey... i know how your feeling buddy.. iv'e had the problems at home also...smoked puff for 8years without many problems then BAM!

If you got to hospital... sorry to say but they don't take this seriously and they will direct you to a psyc which is what they do to me... and try to give meds

Things will improve.. the only friend we have is time and hope
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