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:cry: There's a little girl who lives next DOOR to me.
She's little, about 2, I've seen Her up the street.

Mum & Dad, older Sister.

I'm glad I'm moving soon. They do to Her what my family did to me.
It was amazing. I'd just moved out of home,
my brain was a scramble of demented horrific traumatised CONFUSION.
Stress, stress, STRESSS

And I'm next door to a family with a little "retard clown", an insane child

She was okily dokily when I was first here, but Her Mother hit Her with a belt one night...about 3 weeks after I was here.

The 2 year old swallowed some spit into Her lung that night, I think, I heard this big athsma attack-thing happen halfway through, She's been coughing ever since (all day...)

The kid was "normal" before that night, but the next day, the kid was extremily weird. I think I remember Her YELLING, highly stressed to Her Father, something like "Going to work? Have a nice day at work!" but She sounded VERY subjugated

I "heard" myself.

Then I started hearing the Mothers behaviour evolving, and the older sister. To the point of a demonic-type of persecution of the 2 year old - mainly Psychological. But they didn't "let the kid see clear" after the belting. She acts Schizophrenic (the kid) and the family keep pushing it.

The kid has no hope. She's a subjugated fool. She's floundered into a very hopeless Psychological hell

She's quite smart, too, actually, a very perceptive child. She starts screaming from high level agititation about 5 minutes after getting up in the morning ANY "slight" will cause a conflict.

I was lucky/unlucky/doomed to "hear" the subjugated speech the parents and older sister are using. They've "squashed" the kid's head into an impossibly small "range". I nearly DIE listening to the deliberateness of it.

There's no hope

I realized that my family did a common "flaw" dumped on Autistics.
My Mum and family DISRESPECTED ME and my Mum kept pace with a Delusion that my family weren't.

I was disrespected and my Mum deluded me that no-one was doing it.

I relate to Amy Lee in Evanescence. Her liner notes of "Thankyou to my family for your love and support" is my kind of thinking. My family didn't WANT me to try. My family and all my old aquaintances acted crazy when I left home because they were unmasked as fraudulent.
My Mum acted like a... very selfish woman.

I'm "imagining" after all the years of delusion the little girl next door will have (they make Her feel safe), the time when the little 2 year old stretches out Her hand for Her just deserves.

When your world comes crashing down from a lying family who delude you into safety... you hurt. Your brain implodes and there's NOTHING left.
They'll never USE a "real" scrap of energy on that child. They're too busy pushing with all their might against Her.

Her behaviour is 100% emotional, no "cerebral" behaviour at all. She's fighting tooth and nail every day. She's about 2 and very short.

When She "asks" for Her loving family to assist Her about 10 - 15 years down the track.. Her horror might make Her drop dead. She'll see the world as evil.
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