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Hopefully, my new DP psychiatrist accepted to see me, yepee!!! :) He send me 3 questionnaires, one about my past, one about depression, and I realized I was clearly depressed, and I think, and some questions about psychosis! hehe i.e. Do you hear voices? :)

And the third one showed that he consider DP and DR : it was the DP scale of London DP unit, but in French. I was so pleased to see a doc here who is aware of dp and DR. Pfew. It is a relief!!!

It's a English doctor, but he speak French. Hopefully, I ask and ask him to see him, and hopefully it work. I will be understood. :)))))))))))))))))

I was so emotionally disturbed by that yesterday that I was in the moon and had a minor car accident. But my car and the other car didn't had any problems. Pfew!!!

I really hope he will help me. I am decided to RE-try Lamictal at low doses, but not with Anafranil, as it seems that I am too chicken to try it at the long run. But with a SSRI. We'll see. Problem with me is that I can feel OK for a A.M. then in the P.M feeling so upset and wanting to die. It's not bipolar, but I wonder why my mood changes this way.

Thanks for reading me.

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