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Hola gang...
My name is Tony. I am a fellow DP sufferer, and have been for over 2 years. Unlike so many others that I have encountered in my search for what the hell this "thing" (depersonalization) is, my story did not start out with an episode that began with smoking pot, or doing LSD or anything thing even remotely close to anything like that. However saying all that, I admit that at first getting used to this condition was not a lot of fun as I "tripped out" pretty heavily on all the "strangeness" that was now apart of my "REALITY". Anyway, I wont bore you too much with all the ugly details because I am sure that all of you have your own demons that have fought you along the way. I am new to this site...(kinda), but I want you all to know that if I can be of any help to any of you...just let me know. I have posted my e-mail address and soforth, so dont be shy. If you want to just keep it to "postings" on this site that is very cool with me. I hope you will welcome me to your "world".


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Hi tony I'm sure you wouldn't be boring us with the details of your D/P simply sharing with us, and thats what we're all here for isn't it? Many thanks for your reply. My first ever contact with a fellow sufferer. It means a lot. Take care. Darsan :)
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