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Hi there. I guess my dp/dr story is a tad atypical. I've posted it in another thread but my first true memory of it was when I was 12, though I know it happened before then. I can actually remember incidences back to when I was 5 years old of feeling different from everyone and removed from my surrondings. My drug use didn't come till I was in my later teens and looking back I think it was actually a sort of self-medication. At least if I felt that way while high I could blame it on the drugs and it wasn't just me.

It was brought home to me when I was 12 though. I related a "dream" to some friends and it turns out it wasn't a dream, I had just viewed it that way the day before and was now remembering it as a dream.

In my defense it was kinda bizzare, lol. We were at the stable watching a girl put ribbons into her horse's mane for no reason. I could totally see that being a dream and even now that's still how I remember it.

That was the first time I ever let it slip that my thinking and reality wasn't the same as everyone else's and I've been careful to keep it to myself since then, though it's hard at times. Certain things will trigger it that I don't realize don't cause other people to feel the same way. It almost always happens when I walk out of a movie unless I am very careful to constantly switch my attention away from the screen to something I consider concrete. Long car rides are also another big trigger, which really stinks for me since I love road trips.

I'm glad I found this forum and am happy to realize that I'm not the only one, though sad that others have to deal with this as well.

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