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Hey guys,

I've lurked for a few weeks and I decided to post after a night of difficult sleeping.
Im a 27 male. West coast, USA.
A few months ago I had a couple panic attacks in a week which led to feeling of anxiety and just being on edge. I had some (what I believe to be) brain fog that eventually went away. My physical anxiety symptoms have decreased. I get mild symptoms but are mainly associated with a mental rumination spiral. Last week was rough. I went in and I talked to my boss and told them about my anxiety and I asked for the weekend off.

Things I'm experiencing:
Over thinking and over analyzing self
Feeling that I'm not in control thoughts or body
Existential thoughts
Difficulty getting involved in activities.
Feeling "out of sync"
Full of self doubt about big and seemingly small things.
Difficulty sleeping
Being too aware of self and automatic thoughts

If anyone is feeling this way and would like to reach out please feel free. I'm always looking to connect with others, especially those that have a positive outlook on things. Thanks, hope to hear from you all.

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Going thru the same thing since Jan of this year. Had a handle on it for the most part but since October it’s gotten worse. Main issue for me right now is exestential questioning loop, anxiety, stress, and difficulty sleeping. Feel free to reach out I can try to help as much as possible. I’m from the west coast as well
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