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Hi ... I'm new ..thought I'd say "hi"

I have just realized that there is this diagnosis DP ...and it's all sorta sinking in.

I've been telling doctors and therapists for years that at about age 7 I remember having these experiences of laying on my bed and think to myself what if I were not here ...and from there it would feel as if I had literally taken a drug. I would feel as if I'd come out of my body. I would see my family in my mind living as if I wasn't here. And I'd feel outside of myself and it would get weirder and weirder as if I was on drugs at 7.

In my 20's and now that i'm 34 (especially now) I can't see myself in pictures or a mirror. I may at times get a glimpse, which it's very rare now and at the time I would have to stare and when I would do that I'd risk seeing this stranger stare back at me, which will ulitmately freak me out. I can get ready in the mirror, but I especially do not like to look too long because to have someone look back at you "in movement" can be unnerving.

I sometimes if I'm out walking on the street and walk past a mirror or a window see my reflection it might not be good.

These are just the latest discoveries that I've grasped.

I'm greatful for that...and for finding this site and that I'm not alone.

Look forward to meeting to you all.
Take care
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