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Hi, my name is Nick

I'm 16 and from Philadelphia

I've been suffering with DP/DR For about 2 years now.

The symptons occured to me after smoking weed for the first time.

Symptoms include-

Disassoation from body and 'reality'
Existential crisis
Feeling disconnected from my memories
Diagnosed depression
Lack of will to live

My main coping mechanisms are

Distraction with shows/music/internet
Talking to friends about 'normal' things
Tricking myself into thinking I'm 'fine'
Doing certain activities like using makeup or photography.

My levels of depersonalization go up and down randomly,

Some days i have no uncomfortable thoughts or symptoms

And other days it consumes my mind.

I hope to connect and learn more on this forum. <3

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Hey Hey,

Welcome, all sounds normal, as you found distraction is great for anxiety and you have days that you have no symptoms, great!!! hopefully fade
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