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Hey all,

I am 27 year old and have struggled with DPDR (especially derealization) for over two years now. In this period of time I have suffered a LOT, but I have also learned a lot and am slowly getting out of the hole that is DPDR. Hopefully forever.

In this time I used these forums a lot to get information on treatment via therapy and medicine, and also to get my hopes back up reading the recovery stories. So thank you all for that, it's helped me a lot.

One thing I have always liked is to help others, for this reason I have started (semi-anonymously) blogging about treatment options and important realizations that helped me forward in my struggle. It sounds like I'm trying to promote myself but I don't get any money out of it nor am I doing it for attention, I genuinely want to help others get through this hell as fast as possible. If you are interested please check out some of my posts, I just made a post on how to interpret reality logically (from a scientists and a sufferers point of view) that I think could help many of you cope with these existential thoughts and feelings. The blog is found at

Maybe if it's easier I could put some of these posts also here in the forums but I am not sure where they would fit...

I will keep updating the blog with the to me very useful information that can hopefully help both new and old sufferers, and I will try to stay active in these forums as well to try and help some of you to get better.

Stay positive because you CAN get better.

Kind regards and thanks for reading,

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