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New to meds

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Ive been diagnosed with mild anxiety by my GP but living with the symptoms is frightening and has taken over my life - i get DP most days and this is the most disturbing symptom of me

He has suggested that i take 50mg a day of sertraline but reading the side effects on the tablets im terrified of taking them for feeling worse

Can anyone advise of their ecperiences - im thinking of not taking them and trying to get through this myself
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I'm not familiar with what you are taking, but I've been on several different SSRI's and they are all ugly in the beginning. I'm currently suffering the onset of lexapro also, it sucks because my libido is 0% and I feel quite strange sometimes, but I am prescribed klonopin too so I have no anxiety. I guess the best way to describe it is feeling really 'high' with no sex drive. I'm hoping these symptoms will go away or tapper down soon though, if not i'm going to kick the lexapro and just stay with klonopin.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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