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New to meds

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Ive been diagnosed with mild anxiety by my GP but living with the symptoms is frightening and has taken over my life - i get DP most days and this is the most disturbing symptom of me

He has suggested that i take 50mg a day of sertraline but reading the side effects on the tablets im terrified of taking them for feeling worse

Can anyone advise of their ecperiences - im thinking of not taking them and trying to get through this myself
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Ive started to take the tablets as the anxiety symptoms were really bad - however noticed today that they anxiety was really bad wave after wave of panic which i woke with and its lasted for a couple of hours
I also have a searing pain in my head

Are they typical side effects?
Today i woke with the sweats which seem to start in the pit of my stomach and then consume by whole body. I felt wobbly when i got out of bed and paniky

It happended again whilst i was driving to work and has continued on and off all morning but not so severe

I feel awful but trying to beleive its just the meds kicking in and not that im about to die
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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