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New to meds

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Ive been diagnosed with mild anxiety by my GP but living with the symptoms is frightening and has taken over my life - i get DP most days and this is the most disturbing symptom of me

He has suggested that i take 50mg a day of sertraline but reading the side effects on the tablets im terrified of taking them for feeling worse

Can anyone advise of their ecperiences - im thinking of not taking them and trying to get through this myself
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The meds takes a few weeks (4-6) to get into your system and during those weeks you can get all kinds of side-affects. I guess that's what you're experiencing now. Don't give up and try to take the meds for a few weeks. The side-affects will fade away and there's a possibility that your DP/DR will reduce. I'm taking Seroxat and that reduces my anxiety and DP/DR.
i know the general advice is to stick to the med for a while and the side effects will eventually wear off. sorry but i cant do that. if it starts messing with me IMHO then it aint worth it. its supposed to be helping me why is it just adding more problems on the pile i already have? thats helping??
At first you'll just have to make the best of a bad job. It's not easy, but I had to choose between severe and very frequent panicattacks and sideaffects that will fade away in a couple of weeks, I choose the last option. Everyone is free to do what (s)he wants. I'm just glad that I could finish my university and function better in daily life with my meds.
I tried an SSRI once for a couple of days and it made me extremely nervous, so I stopped.
That was quick! :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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