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New to meds

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Ive been diagnosed with mild anxiety by my GP but living with the symptoms is frightening and has taken over my life - i get DP most days and this is the most disturbing symptom of me

He has suggested that i take 50mg a day of sertraline but reading the side effects on the tablets im terrified of taking them for feeling worse

Can anyone advise of their ecperiences - im thinking of not taking them and trying to get through this myself
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Janey said:
Ive started to take the tablets as the anxiety symptoms were really bad - however noticed today that they anxiety was really bad wave after wave of panic which i woke with and its lasted for a couple of hours
I also have a searing pain in my head
Are they typical side effects?
There are dozens of potential side-effects to these drugs, Janey. One problem is that one can immediately put down any physical sensation or discomfort to the drug, when it would have happened anyway. It's so hard to tell.
I dont want to be a missionary or anything, but I strongly recommend Lamitrogine (Lamictal) to go with the ant-depressant. Your mileage may vary, but it's been very helpful to me, with minimal side-effects.As an anxiety-reducer (without dulling the mind), it's been very helpful.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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