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I've read a number and others posts on here about their experiences. Do a lot of other people notice significant visual changes? I've been seeing visual snow a lot more often, especially looking at a clear sky, white background, or bright screens. As well as that, I feel heavy tunnel vision. Is this normal for people experiencing DP/DR?

I've battled significant (at times debilitating) anxiety over the past 9 years, and just recently (~9 months ago ) experiencing symptoms that mimick DP. My anxiety makes me think it's something worse, like going blind.

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Yeah i'd say 50% (based on nothing but people who PM me). I have Visual snow, but it's so low that I don't count it.

Yeah things are bright, I just adjust, lower my screen, wear sunglasses, it's the least of my worries...

The tunnel vision sounds more like DR.

You aren't, you know you have anxiety, you need to tackle it, 9 years is too long, time to get experts
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