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My new blog...

Hey, i am new here, so i thought i would share a bit about my self and how i've been feeling.
For a long time i had never really considered DP a disorder, certainly not one i had because i never talked to anyone about it.
I was hospitalized for SI in grade 12, so my parents got me to go to tharipy. I only did that for about a month (I don't completely remember how long). I hate to say it but i dont think that helped much.
I am 19, male, and identify as bisexual. To me being bi is being in a horrible state of limbo between straight and gay.
At the end of the day, i want to fit in, my goal for as long as i can remember is to being able to be in a circle of people taking turns showing off our common skin, and when its my turn i blow being away with how good i am. Also, since about grade 7 (maybe earlier) i have always had the feeling that one day i will wake up on the floor in a hospital or something, to find out that my life so far has all been a dream. Im not going to bore you with how DP has physically effected me, im sure everybody here is one the same page with that.
i've need watching a lot of transgender vlogs on youtube recently, and it only occurred to be a couple days ago, wait... i was born a boy, feel like a boy (although sure, i have a feminine side), why do i connect with these people so much. I dont know.

sorry, this is a bit of a rant. thanks for reading.
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