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Hi, my name is savannah, and I’ve been dealing with Depersonalization/anxiety now since March. I’m 20 years old and currently in college. I have dealt with anxiety for years now but it’s always been manageable until i started to felt a little off and ‘out of my body’ feelings. I had no idea what i was feeling or why i was feeling so weird. I kept pressing on and going to classes, hanging out with friends, and working at my part time job, but I felt like I was out of my body the whole time. Like I don’t feel like my normal self. I started feeling this way in March. I feel like my voice isn’t my own, and when I walk and eat it feels robotic and unreal, like i’m in a dream like state. I feel dizzy, and lightheaded sometimes too, and like i’m “floating” or my head is balloon. Are these normal DP symptoms? does anyone else experience this? My therapist told me that my symptoms match DP disorder, and maybe it’s just gotten to my head too much. I have recently started to have panic attacks too, because i’m so scared of feeling this way. I have really bad health anxiety, and I’m so scared that I have a brain disease or something. Also I just stated taking 50mg of Zoloft instead of 25, anyone have a positive experience on anti anxiety meds, that helped these DP feelings??

I found this platform online, and i had no idea other people are experiencing feelings like this too. if anyone can give me any advice or tips that help them, or if my symptoms are similar to yours please let me know!

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Hi Savannah,

First thing I will say is, don't ever experiment with drugs, especially Marijuana.

And know that anybody experiencing these symptoms would find just as much trouble functioning as we do, so be easy on yourself.

I'd recommend continuing your education. Even though it's going to be more difficult, you'll feel glad you did it. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

It does sound like you are experiencing DP/DR, welcome to the community.
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