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Hi all, so while I am not presently diagnosed, I have had symptoms of dp/dr my entire life (I am 21, and my earliest memories at 4 involve dissociation). It wasn't until three weeks ago, however, that I could (by God's grace) actually describe it. Two weeks ago I discovered it as an actual disorder. And now I am here.

I struggle with dp/dr 24/7, experience most symptoms in some degree, and am taking supplements to help with depression, which I believe is both a cause and an effect of this disorder.

I am realizing that I am largely alone in this with my closest friends and family, including my girlfriend. The spill over into all of this has strained some of my relationships.

I hope and pray for freedom and victory from this. I am very tired of it. My symptoms have been progressively getting worse since about 8 years ago.

Love and peace,

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