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... i find this strange, but usually with my dp / anxitey i have had the same symptoms for 6 years.. is it normal to just get new symptoms out of no where cuz its freaking me out... like today i couldent even leave my house i felt liek shit, my head felt soo light, and i was getting these weird feelings through my body i couldent even describe to anyone. i just felt lazy too like i would wanna go do somthign but i couldent.. i was just laying in bed..and i was thinking fuck wat if its not dp..and now im a wreck..any helpers... i need all i can get. :(.

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i would say try not to be too freaked out with the symptoms. I know it is horrible and very scary. I have had many days when I cant even get off the couch i feel so bad. These days will come and go. Try to understand what is happening to you. Don't be scared. I was told dp is our bodies way of protecting us from something. Unfortunately some of us get stuck in this state of mind. I have found that worrying about the symptoms seems to make me more dp'd. Try to understand it and assure yourself everday that you will be releived of these symptons one day. It is possible.. try to beleive this.
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