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NEW RESEARCH (Sept. 16, Nature)

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New research has just been released that examines dissociation from a novel perspective. The large group of researchers claim to have found the root of all dissociation, not just in humans, but across "all species". These findings are profound:

  • "The rhythmic activity of a single layer of neurons has now been shown to cause dissociation - an experience involving a feeling of disconnection from the surrounding world."
  • "Vesuna and colleagues' work provides compelling evidence that a low-frequency rhythm in the deep posteromedial cortex is an evolutionarily conserved mechanism that underlies dissociation across species." [link]
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I listened to this topic on National Public Radio Yesterday. They dissociated mice with Ketamine and noticed the dissociation was concurrent with electrical oscillations in a certain area of the mice brains.

Then, a neurologist found an epileptic patient who experienced dissociation while having similar electrical oscillations in that region of his brain.

My dissociation was in conjunction with an epileptic syndrome. My illness began with electrical phenomena (seizure induced epileptic discharges), and ended with the electrical convulsions

of Electro Convulsive Therapy. (induced grand mal seizures). I was explaining the experience to my younger brother just the other day and I made the analogy of the ECT

having reset me to "factory defaults".
7 grand mal seizures did the trick for me. No more unwanted oscillations. It's not necessary to understand the cure, to enjoy the cure.

Let's not get lost in the details. We're patients, not research scientists. LOL
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