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New on here have been reading comments a while

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Hello, I am a new member been reading some posts but never commented.

I am not sure if I have DPDR or not. Since I was a child I have experiences episodes of feeling unreal and altered environment such as things seeming flat and the world seeming disconnected and unable to take part. I am now 35 and about a week ago I started my latest episode.

This time the DR symptoms seem quite mild some changes I think due to heightened senses. I feel hollow and disconnected from myself. Disconnected from other including family and children which is hard. The main symptom however, is a constant and persistent sense/feeling that the world is not real I can't shrug it off or reason it away. I feels like a part of my brain has been switched on and is constantly seeping this idea into my head. I guess it is this is anxiety thoughts or feelings but I can't shake off, it feels like it is apart of me, like I can't convince myself it is a symptom of anxiety or DPDR. This can lead becoming overwhelmed by my own consciousness.

This episode is the first time I have spoke to people about it and it is the first time I have sought help for it. I thought 35 years of internalising all these problems is long enough. So I am trying to make a conscious effort to be more engaged with others about this finally see if I can tackle it, so any comments and discussion will be great.
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Hello, Anna thanks for your reply that is very comforting to hear. I think your comment is very interesting and gives me more to research which I find helpful.

Thanks it's nice to hear from you and I hope I can offer some support in some way. Have you been able to find good support or therapy?
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