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hi all,
I haven't written in a long time.
I had a baby this June. Before pregnancy was worried about not being able to take meds, but I did wonderfully. probably a combination of excitement about baby, hormones, and having a busy job. I believed for so long that having a baby would cure me of all mental problems and self-absorbedness. so imagine my distress to have a beautiful, wonderful, happy girl and to be experiencing the same all nutsy-ness as always. it makes my dp/dr and anxiety so much worse to feel #1) like a bad mom and #2) like how can I not enjoy this?!
anyone else can relate or have wise words?
I have had dp/dr once birefly in high school (probably related to my parents unhappy marriage and boredom) and also the past three years as a result of a traumatic accident that left me permanently disabled.
thanks all,

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I'm a father of a three year old boy. Only got to live with him for about the first year, because his mother and I separated. When you first have a child it's easy to start worrying a lot and common to worry about whether you'll be a good parent. My advice is to focus on doing the right thing at each moment. Don't dwell on past mistakes or what will happen in the future. Simply focus on the present and make your best moral judgement in the present. That's the best you can do. Just remember that ruminating and chronically obsessing about the past and future will only make you feel worse and therefore do nothing to make you a better parent.

Lot's of luck,

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Thank you Joe,
I appreciate your comments and I know how parenthood often, if almost all the time, causes self-doubt and anxiety. I will try to focus on present as you said, which is an overall goal of mine anyway.
best to you and your son too,

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Welcome Annela,

I would like to tell you of the website I moderate on for new mothers. It's a post partum site. There are a few of us that have dp/dr after the birth. Some have recovered, others still struggle. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the website here so I will post my e-mail and you can get it that way if you wish.

[email protected]

Actually, if you go to my profile, I may have the web link there.

This is a GREAT site also, I just thought I'd pass this along.

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