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just discovered this website.i never knew the disorder existed.for me its a remarkable discovery,ive suffered constantly since november 1991,i was convinced that i had been given an acid tab........doctors diagnosed me with depression and anxiety,but i knew it was more than that,so ive been on efexor for 9 years,its like treating someone with a broken leg when they have a broken im not sure what to do now?any advice will be most welcome,i feel as if i have just found new friends who i can connect with............any of this make andy f xxxxxxxx

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Andy I would like to welcome you to this site. This is a place where you will meet a great group of people. They are kind and caring and very supportive to each other. It is difficult living in this illness that we have, but knowing that there are others who truly understand how we feel helps as we struggle through the grips of dp/dr.

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