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New here :)

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Hey guys my name is Hayley and I'm 20 years old and I'm new to this site, was referred to it by one of my friends with DP/DR. I've recently started experiencing this disorder. It started at the beginning of August and it was very scary because I didn't even know it was a thing and now here I am about 2 months later with all of the symptoms being a lot worse.

I'm constantly afraid that I'm dying or disappearing or something or that there is something seriously wrong with me.

My symptoms include: Feeling unreal, scared to look at myself in the mirror, being disconnected to myself, people and things look strange to me. I feel dizzy all the time, I fear I'm going to pass out, I'm very tired all the time, my heart is constantly beating out of my chest. my muscles feel shaky and weak. All of these symptoms are causing serious problems in my everyday life and I'm constantly scared and want to cry.

I'm hoping to meet more people with similar problems and hopefully we can all help each other and be there for each other when things get bad.
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Hey Hayley.

You aren't alone, good support network here, just try not read to the ends of the earth about this, we have all been there and at the start there isn't a way to get the fix you need and leave it, from my experience. I just don't want you getting stuck in the 'what's wrong with me' loop. It's good however when you have a crisis to come, see that you aren't alone. All my opinion.

Have you been to the doctor? we can all relate to them symptoms and sounds like you are in the eye of the storm as they say, with heart palpitations, dizzy, fear, basically constant anxiety. He should be able to help, from stronger anxiety medication to simply propranolol often called 'beta blockers' which sounds like they would do you well, would stop the extreme panic, dizziness and heart issues i would think but don't change the headspace from my experience.

It's a tricky place to be, not everyone will experience this, so can be hard to explain to the average person. Wish you well, drop me a message anytime, welcome to the forum
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