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New here, appreciate you all for sharing your stories/experiences. Of course one of the major concerns that we all have when dealing with something of this nature is if we are either going crazy or if we do in fact suffer from depersonalization. That being said, I'll share my experiences in hopes of some validation potentially. I've had a similar experience about ten years ago that lasted a few months, and ended up in the hospital because I was truly convinced I had a mental condition of a worse nature. Now, fast forward almost ten years and here we are again. Now, I have always struggled with anxiety and depression, so there's that underlying this whole thing. I messed around and tried a Delta-8 Edible about a month ago, had the whole full on panic attack thought I was dying etc, losing mind and what not. Recovered after about 3 or 4 days. Now, I feel worse than I have ever. It's like a snap in and out of reality, like I forget I'm alive and am in a dream...The worst part is I feel like I am not in control of what I am saying and how I am acting. I know this isn't the case, but the feeling is awful...It's like I'll be in a full on conversation with someone and the whole time I'm thinking craziness like "How did I know to say that? Why did I choose to say that?" It's like I'm micromanaging every last thought and action that I have and it's non stop all day every day. It's crippling. Then there are times that I "wake up" and think to myself "oh my life is real" and then I slip right back into it. Strangest experience in the world and it leaves me with this gut feeling of despair that I'll never return to my old self and be forced to live in this nightmare forever. Apologies if that is morbid but it feels better to put this all down in words. Oddly enough I have been going about my life as normal, activities, work, kids and so on. It's just been challenging and frightening.


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